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Let an experienced professional sell on your behalf. If your item sells, you pay 1/3 commission plus transaction costs
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Stuff U Sell, a trusted and professional eBay seller

How it Works

Got something to sell?

Pack up your items, print your free courier label and drop to a parcel shop. If you prefer, just send it on to us yourself

Sit back and relax

We will assess your items, do the listing, field all questions and handle all logistics for you*

Get Paid

If your item sells, you pay 1/3 commission plus transaction fees. You get the rest. Note Fees

  • * We will email if any items are rejected and send back free of charge unless you elect to use our free disposal service. We may recycle, reuse or donate items to charity, avoiding landfill as much as possible. Accepted items may be returned on payment of a withdrawal fee of £25 per item
  • Terms and Conditions apply

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Items that sell well

Items we cannot sell*

  • Bulky items heavier than 25kg or larger than 60x50x50cm
  • Items worth less than £25
  • Items in poor condition,
    e.g. torn, stained, broken, bad smelling
  • Items prohibited on eBay
    e.g. weapons, tobacco, drugs and counterfeits
  • Items prohibited by the carrier
  • Learn more
  • * We will email if any items are rejected. If you choose it within 7 days, Stuff U Sell offers a free service to recycle, reuse or donate items to charity, avoiding landfill as much as possible. Otherwise your items will be sent back to you free of charge.

Average Selling Price*






  • * Based on the average selling price of similar items on eBay.co.uk during the past 6 months


Question: Who is this service for?
Answer: This service is for anyone who has good quality items to sell online - we've worked with celebrities, businesses, fashion designers, journalists and people from all walks of life -- all that we ask are that your items are in good condition and saleable for over £25. Our biggest sellers are fashion, electronics and collectibles, but we love a challenge: drop us a note if you aren't sure if your item will sell.
Question: How does it work?
Answer: It's simple - just use our free courier labels to send us your stuff and we'll do the rest. We will assess your items, determine the listing price, preparing listing description and details for you including taking nice pictures and arrange for delivery of the items to buyers once a purchase is made - all hassle free for you.
Question: Is there a fee?
Answer: The following fees apply to the assisted selling services provided by Stuff U Sell:

Commission charges for sold items on eBay
  • 1/3 of the final sales price on eBay. When Stuff U Sell sells your item, we charge a commission of 1/3 of the final sale price, subject to any returns, refunds or claims and excluding any premium postage paid by the buyer. Where refunds are agreed with buyers which reduce your sale total, we reduce our commission accordingly.
Transaction Fees for Sales
  • When your items sell, we make payments to cover eBay or other marketplace fees, Paypal charges and postage costs. To be fair to all sellers, these are calculated as accurately as possible to be the actual costs incurred for the item as if you had sold it yourself plus VAT. Note that where refunds are agreed with buyers, the transaction fees are not refunded but there is no further charge made for any disbursement incurred handling the refund.
  • Marketplace fees: For items sold on eBay, 12% upto a maximum of £30 per item. For items sold off eBay, half this amount.
  • Payment charges: 20p + 3.4% when the buyer pays by Paypal or Credit card. Otherwise free of charge.
  • Shipping charges: All items are offered with a "free-shipping" option. This costs £5 for items upto 2kg and under 1m long; £10 for items between 2kg and 20kg and under 1m and £25 for all other items.
Withdrawal fees
  • £25 per item. To cover our listing costs, we charge a withdrawal fee of £25 (inclusive of postage) for withdrawal of each item which has already been listed. Withdrawal will only be possible if no sales has yet been agreed with a buyer.
  • Items will be sent back to you on receipt of your payment of withdrawal fees. See How to make a payment to Stuff U Sell
Question: How do I send items to Stuff U Sell?
  • We offer a free courier label to send your item in from local parcel shops all over the UK. You must have acceptable items (see 'What won't be accepted'). You can have free labels for upto 5 boxes, each with a maximum weight of 10kg, maximum size 60cm x 50cm x 50cm.
  • Send In. If you prefer to send the items in yourself, then you may do this at your own expense. You will find the appropriate address label in your account area.